Averis Sdn Bhd -Reported Criminal Offense done by Averis Administration

Malaysia Work Regulation, within 60 days after the day of discontinuation worker have to made a problem to work workplace in order to acquire reinstatement versus any kind of illegal termination. After 60 days of illegal termination, outrageous Averis Sdn Bhd had commemorate it with a grand event with motif name “Yearly Supper 2014 – BOND & Beyond” on 21 November 2014.
These team of outrageous bad guys, Averis Administration, all staff members that associated with the intrusion of Aster’s personal privacy, produce / took nude picture / video clip of Aster, rape utilizing innovative innovation very own by Royal Golden Eagle (RGE)
All mankind that reside in this globe, please stick out to combat for “JUSTICE”, stick out for Aster, for lady, with each other we battle bad bad guys…
Averis Sdn Bhd make use of Advanced Modern technology to Misuse Aster_M4H08243

Misuse in regard to work, no settlement instead of notification, no notification duration & absence reason letter offer to Aster. AND ALSO THE DISCONTINUATION LETTER WAS AUTHORIZED BY AVERIS HEAD OF SHARED SOLUTION AMIT DOSHI yet incorrect name created by Averis human resources. Settlement just made on equilibrium of leave.
…Averis Administration utilizing innovative innovation snooping on Aster’s individual life & instruct FA MRCC Fixed Possession Group to teasing, intimidate, disrupt, embarrass Aster as hooker / bitch to ensure that Aster will certainly quit the examination on criminal activity done by Averis Administration (Lim Ser Yong, Chong Yeow Leong, Amit Doshi, and so on..) & Wee Yong Huat, Michelle Thilaga…
Averis MRCC is the major personality in spreading out unfavorable information & nude picture & video clip developed by Averis Administration due to the fact that Averis FA Tower Lead Lim Ser Yong advised FA MRCC Fixed Possession Group to embarrass / teasing Aster as bitch after that implicate Aster in regard to work from human resources side, if Aster check out Averis once again He will certainly see to it Aster have no future, picture ruin by expanded nude picture & video clip developed by Averis & destroy Aster’s occupation. Enforce “bohsia”/ “bitch” picture to Aster work as penalty not devoted to business & after Aster reject to be Lim Ser Yong’s girlfriend he reject to maintain his assured…”Reject to be girlfriend, you obtain absolutely nothing, even more affordable!”.
Averis executed brand-new Exchange 2010 Mail box Movement to get rid of all proof due to the fact that the preliminary criminal activity was Averis’s Administration Record, Financial Institution Loaning Base Record. Apical Money Supervisor Chu Lim Huat (Kelvin) overemphasize AAAOF’s property degree to enhance financial institution loaning base record to get even more funding from Singapore financial institution. Averis / Royal Golden Eagle covered their criminal activity by getting rid of all proof & intimidate Aster in several means for 2 years time.
Averis take into consideration Aster as not devoted is because of this record that was subject by Aster & later on intrusion of personal privacy to intimidate Aster….
Lots of Averis team left this business due to the fact that they understood Averis Administration abusing & torment team, snooping, produce nude picture & video clip after that share to their worker. Yet no person attempt to assist Aster. Workers are assisting Averis Administration to cover their criminal activity by spreading out controlled tale regarding Aster;s habits & psychological problem.
Averis FA demand Aster to get upgrade from Averis human resources & dragging Aster’s time for couple of months. After extended period of asking for Averis make use of strategy of mental disorder to call for Aster look for expert assistance.
Constant incorrect complaint, produce severe hostile setting, torment, Averis misuse Aster once again & once again by “producing” witness to generate “paper”.
SHAMELESS Averis Administration also developed incorrect info / false declaration in Averis’s Discontinuation of solution letter to Aster dated 29th Aug 2014 implicating Aster depending on Ms Overview problem as a justification to reject to function for no much less than 3 celebrations. Misuse in regard to work, no settlement instead of notification, no notification duration & absence reason letter offer to Aster. AND ALSO THE DISCONTINUATION LETTER WAS AUTHORIZED BY AVERIS HEAD OF SHARED SOLUTION AMIT DOSHI.
Head of Human Resources Lisa Lew Lu Yi that accountable of Aster’s problem surrendered & left at a time of Might 2014, a month after Aster record to Pantai police headquarters. 1 week prior to Aster obtain ended, auto crash took place like Aster’s previous group lead prior to he obtain move out from Averis Sdn Bhd…
6 months Averis problem 6 letters, 5 of the letters provided within 4 months time, implicating Aster with significant mental disorder however yet providing Aster to benefit 4 times continually to come to be centre of exceptional.
Attempt think, if Aster with significant mental disorder, will Averis Administration maintained providing Aster to function?
Couple of year ago an additional individual likewise confront with comparable problem & court by court as encountering mental disorder. Describe :
Is this coincidence of simply Averis’s factor / reason to “work out” Averis’s act”.
Kindly look for Aster Wong (Forever Justice) Facebook & Assistance Aster to combat for JUSTICE