BINALOT: Opium and also the Philippine Transformation: Disturbance & Adjustment in the Middle of Program Modification

The BINALOT SPEAKS (Online Version) is stemmed from the Binalot Talks held by the Historical Researches Program, held every Wednesday throughout lunch. These casual talks have different subjects varying from mathematics, to service, to society. For more details, look into

Historical Research Studies Program, UP Diliman || 04 August 2021

Ferdinand P.F. Victoria instructs background and also worldwide national politics at the Mentari Intercultural College, Jakarta .

The audio speaker kindly offered a duplicate of his slides. This might be accessed at:

poster picture: (1924) Opium den on Malinta Road, Manila, Philippine Islands. Philippines Manila, 1924. [Photograph] Gotten from the Collection of Congress,

00:00:00 – Intro to the Binalot Talks
00:01:49 – Audio speaker intro by Anna Pineda
00:03:06 – Lecture
00:59:54 – Conversation