Cops considering spiritual procession in Toh Guan commercial estate

SINGAPORE – The authorities are considering an occurrence including a big team of individuals that seem participating in a spiritual procession in a commercial estate.

In action to inquiries, the authorities in a declaration on Friday (Jan 21) stated they are additionally knowledgeable about video as well as pictures of the event flowing online on social media sites.

The authorities included that they are dealing with the appropriate authorities to explore the “claimed conduct of a spiritual procession within a commercial structure situated in Toh Guan Roadway East”, which is near Jurong.

In the video as well as pictures, individuals can be seen dance, vocal singing as well as playing the drums. At the very least someone can be seen bring a kavadi.

Individuals of various races can additionally be seen not using masks in the video clips while shouting as well as vocal singing as they stroll up a spiral driveway.

In an additional video, a guy can be seen drawing an enhanced float with ropes connected to his body.

There is additionally video footage of a guy bring a kavadi as well as dance before what seems a makeshift temple.

Kavadis were not enabled throughout the Thaipusam celebrations last Tuesday (Jan 18) at the Sri Thendayuthapani Holy Place in Container Roadway for the 2nd year straight.

Kavadis are wood or metal frameworks decorated with milk offerings as well as spiritual designs brought by enthusiasts throughout the Thaipusam celebration. 

Ritualistic piercings as well as the standard excitement as well as songs coming with the foot procession from Sri Srinivasa Perumal Holy Place in Serangoon Roadway to Storage tank Roadway were additionally junked.

Just those that were completely immunized were enabled to participate in Thaipusam this year.