EP 7: Hacking & Plumbing! Renovation Hidden Problems & Solutions 敲墙!损坏水管! 看看我们怎么排除万难,解决装修隐患和问题


Renovating an old resale flat poses some unique challenges. During hacking, there’s always the risk of damaging old water pipes or electrical wiring that may have previously been buried inside those walls… And that’s exactly what happened here.

So how do we deal with that? How do prepare ourselves, our clients and our trusty subcontractors for such emergencies? And how do we move on, so that our clients’ home still turns out good as new?

ALL of these questions – answered. Enjoy!
有时,在装修二手房 会带来一些特殊挑战和问题。 比如说, 在敲墙的时候, 往往会有损坏隐藏性水管和电路的问题,在这一集里您可以看到我们怎么 排除万难,解决屋子里的结构问题。



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