International Online Meeting – Environmental Technologies for Sustainable Growth Obstacle

“Environmental Technologies for Sustainable Growth Obstacle”
September 29, 2020.
09.00-11.00 (Indonesian Time)

Mediator: Dr. Ahyahudin Sodri (Journal of Environmental Scientific Research as well as
Lasting Growth, Institution of Environmental Scientific Research, Universitas

Keynote 1: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Marlia Mohd Hanafiah (Universiti Kebangsaan
Title: From e-Waste to Resources: Opening the Round Economic Situation Prospective

Keynote 2: Ian Hollingsworth, Ph.D. (Perspective Environmental Dirt Study as well as
Analysis Darwin, Australia)
Title: Ecological Design (Structures for Lasting Growth – Land Ability as well as Conceptual Task Style)

Keynote 3: Dr. Albertus Denny Handoko (Institute of Products Research Study as well as
Design: Singapore)
Title: Products Research Study as well as Design