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00:00:47 1 Background
00:02:05 1.1 Youngster work
00:04:34 1.2 Operating problems
00:06:19 2 Specific work regulation
00:06:29 2.1 Work terms
00:08:06 2.2 Base pay
00:10:20 2.3 Living wage
00:10:40 2.4 Hrs
00:13:20 2.5 Health and wellness
00:13:42 2.6 Discrimination
00:14:03 2.7 Termination
00:15:01 2.8 Youngster work
00:16:18 3 Cumulative work regulation
00:16:45 3.1 Profession unions
00:18:09 3.2 Work environment involvement
00:20:52 3.3 Details and also assessment
00:21:10 3.4 Cumulative negotiating
00:21:20 3.5 Cumulative activity
00:23:18 4 International work regulation
00:24:22 4.1 International Work Company
00:28:50 4.2 Operate in numerous nations
00:30:58 4.3 EU regulation
00:34:18 5 National work regulations
00:34:28 5.1 Australia
00:34:52 5.2 Canada
00:35:39 5.3 China
00:36:38 5.4 France
00:38:11 5.5 India
00:38:56 5.6 Iran
00:39:17 5.7 Israel
00:39:25 5.8 Japan
00:39:34 5.9 Mexico
00:40:11 5.10 Sweden
00:40:51 5.11 Switzerland
00:41:36 5.12 UK
00:43:06 5.13 USA
00:46:50 5.14 Halakhah (Jewish spiritual regulation)
00:48:42 6 See likewise

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“I cannot educate anyone anything, I can just make them assume.”
– Socrates

Work regulation (likewise called labor regulation or work regulation) moderates the connection in between employees, using entities, profession unions and also the federal government. Cumulative work regulation connects to the tripartite connection in between worker, company and also union. Specific work regulation worries workers’ legal rights at the workplace and also with the agreement for job. Work requirements are social standards (in many cases likewise technological requirements) for the minimal socially appropriate problems under which workers or professionals are enabled to function. Federal government firms (such as the previous United States Work Requirements Management) implement work regulation (legal, governing, or judicial).