NRN LCEE Public Lecture Dr Iris Möller Bangor 13 Dec 17

In this lecture, Dr Iris Möller (College of Cambridge) evaluates present understanding of seaside security supplied by all-natural marshes, the obstacles we deal with in using this understanding, and also just how those obstacles may be fixed.

Marshes prevail seaside functions around the globe that are endangered by water level surge. While seaside populaces are progressively in danger from flooding and also disintegration, this is especially the situation on shores fronted by marshes and also mangroves. If marshes offer reliable all-natural seaside security, we require to act currently to (a) guard this safety component, and also (b) comprehend just how it offers security from flooding and also disintegration.
Dr Möller talks about research study at the Cambridge Coastal Study Device and also somewhere else, which reveals that seaside marshes offer security via both their immune framework and also their surface area attributes. The transfer of this understanding right into useful remedies for nature-based seaside security, nevertheless, has actually verified to be a better obstacle than may be anticipated and also Dr Möller talks about the factors for this in her talk.

Anybody curious about accomplishing a lot more lasting and also multifunctional seaside security ought to discover this broach rate of interest.