Prof Amina Memon – The art of speaking with witnesses: What we've gained from scientific research and also method

Teacher Amina Memon’s digital keynote speech for the ARMADILLO seminar kept in San Antonio, Texas, November 2020.

Teacher Memon goes over just how the cognitive meeting has actually expanded throughout her occupation and also her payments to this location of psychology.

Please realize that this video clip has details pertaining to and also referral to fierce criminal offenses and also as a result might not appropriate for all visitors.

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0:00 Intro and also review
5:35 From authorities method to scientific research
8:25 The initial Cognitive Meeting & academic basis
10:15 State of scientific research
13:20 The Cognitive Meeting & compelled manufacture
14:30 The Cognitive Meeting as practiced today
16:50 Secret stages & strategies
20:30 Relationship & transfer of control
28:00 Study
33:30 From scientific research to expert method
34:40 Is the self-administered meeting efficient for older grownups?
48:40 Speaking with suspects in horror examinations
50:20 Speaking with traumatised witnesses
Experience meeting approach for vital occurrences 51:10
Speaking with to enhance integrity analysis 52:00
Speaking with asylum hunters 53:00
Is the scientific research still in advance of the method? 57:20