RENO STARTS! Hacking Works+Air-con Installation | 4-Room HDB BTO Home Renovation🏠 EP3 | 拆墙+冷气安装过程🔨💨

Hello guys!

We finally started our reno after completing the BSC rectification works.🙂

In this episode, our walls were hacked and air-con trunking was installed. We also talked about some of the problems we faced and things to look out for when planning for your air-con installation.

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00:00 – Introduction
00:19 – Hometrust
01:08 – Hacking works
03:30 – Hacking completion update
05:00 – Air-con trunking installation
05:38 – Air-con trunking installation update
06:43 – Air-con installation planning (One trip or two trips?)
07:30 – Air-con installation planning (Air-con position and trunking)
12:27 – Air-con installation planning (Issues we faced)
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