(Step by step!) How to plan your electrical works | 4-Room HDB BTO Home Renovation🏠 EP4 | 如何规划电源🔌⚡️

Hello guys!

In this episode, we will be running through with you step by step on planning your electrical works.

We feel that this should be well thought out during your renovation planning. It will make a difference in terms of living lifestyle habits that you envision for your new home.

From major home appliances (fridge/dishwasher/water dispenser) to smaller details such as bedside socket, take some time to sit down and think through in order not to leave anything out!🙂

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00:00 – Introduction
00:10 – Hometrust
01:00 – Planning your electrical works
02:28 – Things to consider (Copy & Paste)
03:04 – Things to consider (Things to improve from current home)
03:30 – Furniture placement
04:42 – Appliance usage
06:04 – Sockets and switches
07:42 – LED strips
08:05 – Smarthome planning
08:36 – Floorplan walkthrough
09:02 – Electrical layout
14:03 – Switch assignment
15:52 – On-site planning
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