UV Cured Lining Everything You Need to Know to Prepare for Your First Installation

UV Cured Lining: Everything You Need to Know to Prepare for Your First Installation


You’re a contractor, and the engineer you have been working with has specified UV CIPP on the next project. This is your first installation, and you need to be ready and equipped to have a successful installation. Your equipment and liner supplier are your support system, but you have planning to do. This presentation will walk you through a complete checklist and procedural guideline to ensure a predictable and controllable liner installation. Where do you start? What equipment will you need? What difficulties can be incurred? How can you prepare to successfully solve Jobsite challenges? The discussion will cover UV curing technology, a comprehensive equipment list, preparing the system and the pipe for installation, and a step-by-step walk-through of the installation process. Topics will include equipment maintenance and repair and troubleshooting common installation issues. There will be a focus on specific audience questions, with answers from this team of UV curing specialists.

1. Explain the basic materials and equipment, including maintenance and repair, used for installing UV cured CIPP

2. Discuss the steps necessary for preparing the existing pipe for the installation process

3. Discuss the general installation procedures for UV cured CIPP

4. Recognize common installation issues and how to perform troubleshooting procedures


Steve Cantwell

Aries Industries, Inc.


Troy Cubero

Aries Industries, Inc.

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