8-13-21 Nicole Sandler Program – Friday the 13th without Reinstatement with David Sirota

Today is the day that we were informed Donald Trump would certainly be renewed as head of state. We heard it from the cushion man, MAGA globe and also Trump’s sycophantic fans. It likewise takes place to be Friday the 13th, so if Trump ever before were to get in the Oval Workplace once again, Friday the 13th would certainly be the ideal day for it to occur. However it will not. That does not quit them from declaring it as truth.
We reside in weird times when or else smart individuals gush lies and also announce them as truths. Also some that call themselves “information” companies.
So it’s an advantage when a brand-new, independent wire service removes. Today, we’ll commemorate among those.
David Sirota has actually been around a very long time. We understand him as a reporter, a radio host, and also also as Bernie Sanders’ speech author. Currently he’s likewise the creator and also Editorial director of The Daily Poster, which everybody that pays attention to this program needs to read.
We’ll discuss the tales they’re covering, which is precisely what we go over right here on the program daily.