A Preference Of Flexibility: Prepping For The Outdoors | Past Optimum Protection | Component 1/3

Reform. Launch. Redemption. With the goal visible, just how are prisoners getting ready for a life past optimal safety jail? What tests will they deal with as they leave their previous behind?

The long-awaited collection returns with a get-together of acquainted faces. Benefit Keng and also Graceson placed their social abilities to the examination as they discover to cope with unfamiliar people in a constrained area. For Benefit Keng, it’s an alcoholic drink of anxiousness and also expectancy as he confronts the facts of the real life. With tests, tasks, and also an impending examination to manage, will Iskandar fracture under stress? Caught in between prisoners and also policemans, just how is Khai taking care of brand-new duties with words on his mommy still little?

0:00 Intro
02:07 Graceson gets in community-based program
03:51 Benefit Keng and also Graceson transfer to beta cell
13:22 Initial day in Pre-Release Centre
14:35 Iskandar seeks diploma at jail institution
17:30 Little liberties at beta centre
19:17 Verifying worths permanently after jail
22:46 Lunch at jail institution
24:31 8-men jail cell VS 1-man jail cell
28:50 Khai’s task behind bars
33:08 Benefit Keng rests for task meetings
42:00 Graceson’s last browse through prior to midway residence

Concerning the program:
In this follow up to Within Optimum Protection, 4 acquainted faces prepare themselves permanently outside Changi Jail. Remaining on track was very easy in optimal safety. The actual examination begins currently.
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ENJOY: Within Optimum Protection
Component 1: https://youtu.be/tJqRPycWUDg
Component 2: https://youtu.be/UITJvieslFY
Component 3: https://youtu.be/6Bfg9jMOV9A
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