Ask Caroline – Personnel Q&A Episode 4

In Episode 4 of Ask Caroline, our team Q&A with President Caroline Hiscox, she attends to perhaps one of the most varied series of subjects yet.

Along with verifying an added days leave for all team for the Queen’s Jubilee, Caroline additionally goes over the possibility of a relocate to 1m distancing in team canteens & workplaces, the damaging impact of unfavorable actions on associates, and also the capacity for a brand-new important treatment + even more.

In this, the 2nd Q&A in a week, a more 16 inquiries were covered which brings us approximately day! We’d be keen to hear any other questions you may have and will film another session in the next 2-3 weeks.

If you want to put your question to Caroline or give feedback email: (Please indicate if you would like your question to be anonymous).
As always, we know many people like to watch the sections that are most relevant to them so the timestamped questions are listed below.

01:19 – Lisa Blues – 1m metre distance in Summerfield House and other office spaces
02:54 Reopening of staff Gym at ARI
04:25 Rita MacKenzie – Queen’s Jubilee Celebration – Confirmation Of Extra Day of Annual Leave
06:20 When can family members escorting patients undergoing treatment for support
09:02 Access to hot food for staff after 2 30 pm at Foresterhill and 11:56 staff car parking
14:39 Steve Marjoribanks – New build for critical care at Foresterhill
18:28 Rumour that staff who aren’t vaccinated are required by infection control not to be rota would certainly to work in covid positive areas.
21:33 Alan Bulcraig – Endowments £20 staff social payment suspension and potential reinstatement
26:02 Racism/Islamophobia/anti-Semitism/homophobia. Support for diversity and equality.
31:12 Equitable rehabilitation of patients who are not on the frailty or specialist pathway
35:05 Concern about effect of negative staff behaviour specifically that experienced by author of particular “thought for the day” in a recent Daily Covid Staff Brief.
38:58 Move to 1m restriction in staff dining areas?
40:10 Linda Oldroyd – HCSW job title and whether Caroline prefered “Auxiliary Nurse”
43:14 Why can’t we use MS Teams use for GIFREC meetings and frustration with current video conference software

As Caroline mentions in the video there are a number of ways people can raise concerns about racism, discrimination or any type of various other inappropriate behaviour. Often this can be through your line manager but, if you feel that isn’t appropriate, a concern can be highlighted in confidence either via:
HR Hub:
t: 01224 552888
(8.30 am to 5 pm, Monday – Friday)

Confidential contacts:

The best way to raise a concern with one of the confidential contacts is via the short online confidential form, phone numbers or postal address listed towards the bottom of this web page: or by emailing

Concerns can also be raised with a confidential contact:

Through a manager or member of staff who can support you to make contact with a confidential contact.
Through your University or College, who can contact the confidential contact on your behalf and also protect your identity completely.
Through your Volunteer Co-ordinator, who can contact the confidential contact on your behalf and also protect your identity completely.
* Please note the confidential contacts are available to assistance and also offer advice to anyone working, supporting, volunteering, or undertaking training in any place providing NHS services in Grampian, regardless of their role or that they are employed by.

Further advice is also available via the NHS Grampian Equality and also Diversity team. Details available through this NHSG intranet web link: