Chiltern Branch: Back to Essential #7: “Staying Clear Of Asbestos Aggro"

Health And Wellness & Security. Back to Essentials. Danger. Asbestos. Obligation to handle. IOSH ‘No Time At All To Shed’ project.
The 7th in the ‘Summer Season Institution – Back to Essentials’ (B2B) sessions offered on 25th August by IOSH Chiltern Branch takes care of Asbestos

Some 90 years after the very first collection of Asbestos Rules, when individuals are still passing away from direct exposure to the dirt, this discussion offers an opportunity to for reassess where we are combating the illness. IOSH President-Elect Louise Hosking (as well as Director/owner of Hosking-Associates) returns to fundamentals herself to share her ideas on the ‘responsibility to handle’ asbestos, based upon her experience of dealing with a variety of customers as well as services in the residential property industry as well as somewhere else, as component of her ‘day-job(s)’.
This is the recording of the discussion as well as Q&A offering a useful CPD/update session currently as well as in the future – not just for those brand-new to health and wellness however additionally as a prompt ‘refresher course’ for those even more skilled, or for ‘front-line’ supervisors as well as managers of properties or professionals, handling a brand-new function or workplace.

Appropriate advice is highlighted, consisting of IOSH ‘No time at all To Shed’ project products.

Trick web links to the recording:
00:00:00 – Beginning
00:00:24 – Intro: Tony Cox “Asbestos – a 90 year legend”
00:05:09 – Audio Speaker: Louise Hoskins “Staying Clear Of Asbestos Aggro”
00:22:34 – “Obligation to Handle”
00:51:09 – Q&A
01:01:17 – Branch future occasions
01:03:25 – Recording credit histories

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