Dialogue Five | Resilient Health System of the Future

Here we go! The fifth dialogue in the #ResilientHealthFuture series is now #LIVE on the Futures Centre Join us at https://bit.ly/3A7LADH!

The Futures Centre and Johnson and Johnson’s Center for Health Worker Innovation are bringing you leaders from the sphere of community-led health systems to collaboratively imagine, “What is the future health workforce we need?”

We’ve got three remarkable panelists joining us for this dialogue to share their insights and vision for scalable primary community health systems for the future.

Our first speaker, Dr. Khama Rogo is the Lead Health Sector Specialist with the World Bank and Head of the World Bank Group’s Health in Africa Initiative. A trained obstetrician-gynecologist, he has been a strong advocate for all health issues but especially reproductive health issues. He also founded K-MET along with two hospital programs with a focus on holistic reproductive health care in Africa using innovative technologies and training community workers.

Denise Octavia Smith MBA, BS, CHW, PN, SFC joins us for the fifth conversation as a community health worker and health systems expert. She is the founding Executive Director of the National Association of Community Health Workers where she designs and implements community-centered strategies to achieve equitable, diverse, and inclusive partnerships, programs, and health systems. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she championed partnerships with a global organization focused on enabling CHWs’ expertise, racial equity, and community-led health systems.

Finally, we have Sundeep Kapila, co-founder, and CEO of Swasth Foundation, a not-for-profit social enterprise committed to access to healthcare. With a keen interest in development, he worked to optimize health systems and deliver high-quality, affordable, and accountable health services to low-income communities in India. Over the years, Sundeep has set up a network of 25+ Primary Health Care Centers across India and looking to build integrated Community-Based Wellness Centers focused on chronic illness with a mix of Eastern and Western medicinal knowledge.

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