EP 1: From Corporate to Carpenter (Where the madness all began…) | 从白领到蓝领 (我脑袋烧坏了吗?)《匠心》 第一集


Before Rhys Ng picked up a tape measure and handsaw, he was slogging it out 9 to 5 every day in your typical air-conditioned Singaporean office. When he realised that the white collar shirt and black leather shoes were far too tight, he made some decisions. And he bought a pair of safety boots.

He’s now our Head Carpenter, Designer and all-round mentor. Meet Rhys. Meet the man who made Reno Scout.

在《匠心》 第一集里, 看Rhys Ng 为什么放下钢笔,拿起锯子,从一个朝九晚五的上班族变身为我们的木工总监与设计师,和大家的师傅及导师。 这是 Reno Scout的故事…

How to get a quotation or kickstart your renovation journey with us?

1) Send us your floorplan via WhatsApp to +65 9007 3368 (Please do not call us.)
2) Send us a list of what renovation items are required,
3) We will then schedule a phonecall consultation within 1 week of your enquiry.
4) Thereafter, the wait time for a quotation / meeting date will be scheduled within 3 to 4 weeks after our phonecall consultation.

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