Exactly How Japanese Blades Are Made With Japan's RAREST Steel

Just how are Japanese blades made? With the exact same methods made use of to craft katana (samurai swords), contemporary Japanese blades are a few of the best worldwide. They do not damage or flex, they can cut with anything like butter as well as they’re an appeal to witness.

This video clip was shot at Hirata Blacksmiths (平田鍛刀場) on the borders of Tokyo. Sukehira Hirata as well as Nodoka Hirata are a couple that craft not just Japanese blades, yet blades made from the rarest steel in Japan. As a matter of fact, this is just one of 3 workshops in the entire nation, still generating the famous Tamahagane steel (玉鋼).

Their web site:
ENGLISH – https://mokomimi1027.wixsite.com/my-site-2
JAPANESE – https://www.hiratatantoujou.com/
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