How to find the right person for your home renovation project 怎么为您自家的装修工程选择对的专业人士

Interior Designer, interior decorator, interior stylist, contractor, handyman…who should you engage when faced with your renovation project? How can each of them help you? In this episode, let me share how you can find the right person for your home renovation project.


This is the link to the free checklist mentioned in the video.

0:00 – Introduction
0:46 – Approach
1:18 – For BTO owners, long term stay
4:21 – For BTO owners, sell/rent upon MOP
6:44 – For resale HDB owners and resale non-landed private property owners
8:35 – For newly TOP non-landed private property owners
9:31 – For landed property owners
12:14 – Conclusion

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