Jim Willie Meeting 3/26/13 What is occurring in Cyprus as well as Just how it will certainly impact everyone.

I had the enjoyment of talking to Jim Willie, the Golden Jackass.

He supplied superb info as constantly regarding what is actually occurring as well as just how it will certainly impact all of us in Cyprus.

He provides info that is not conveniently offered on the net. He has the ability to give details from resources that understand what is occurring behind the scenes.

We went over:

The Russians as well as feasible revenge versus the EU
Just how are the Russians as well as Chinese interacting
The future of the EU
The gold as well as silver costs
The U.S. buck
The Eurasian profession
China as well as Africa
Every one of the above plus a lot more is gone over in the meeting.

Jim Willie’s site Golden Jackass

Should pay attention to.

Connect to talk to on the blog site:


**note – I have the ability to catch the meeting in 10 min sectors on the internet**