"Just how to construct a coral reef container right into a wall surface" – DEEP SEA FISH TANK – *challenging!!*

In this video clip we take a look at Dennis’s coral reef container / deep sea fish tank with LPS and also SPS reefs and also incredible fish. This container is a work of art with a stunning aquascape and also an unique strategy area.

Method checklist:
– return pump (4 years)
AM DC Jogger 9.2
– existing (3 years)
Jebao cp 25
2x Maxspec vortex 230 in ogc setting

– skimmer (5 years)
ATI Powercone 200is

– lights (3 years)
ATI Crossbreed 3×75 led 6x 54 t5
ATI sirius x2 over the Zoa edge

– lime activator cove cr150 (1/2 year)
Kamoer dosipump fx stp2
Jbl stress reducer

– Tunze Smart Controller 2000 (4 years)
– AM lf controller (4 years)
– AM ozone 50 (4 years)
– Skimz mbr 150 algae activator (3 years)
– Oase uvc 18 watts (5 years)
– GHL Doser2.1 (2 years)
– Shego Titan heating system 2x 300watt (4 years)
– ATI soft drink lime activator 4 litres (2 years)
– AM Osmose Platinum Line and also 3 times downstream combined bed material (5 years)
– AM refill pro (3 years)


This video clip was funded by our companions:


Coralaxy GmbH



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Internet site: http://www.seafriendlyreef.com

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This brand-new network supplies you the possibility to accumulate suggestions around the subject of sea water fish tanks. It reveals the spatial and also technological opportunities to establish your coral reef container in the house in the living-room, bed room or workplace.

For this we take a trip with Europe to catch the best photos for you.

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