ROADWAY AS WELL AS FREEWAY BUILDING – DVD Replicated by John T. Williams – National Archives and also Records Management 1969 – ARC Identifier 33014 / Neighborhood Identifier 111-LC-54811 – Division of Protection. Division of the Military. Workplace of the Replacement Principal of Personnel for Procedures. U.S. Military Audiovisual Facility. (ca. 1974 – 05/15/1984). Recap: LS, Burger Hillside in A Shau Valley. Draw back to reveal roadway unfinished. Frying pan shot – A Shau Valley location. MS, 3/4 load vehicle on roadway. Frying pan fired revealing winding roadway around hill. 27th Designer Bn soldier runs end loader as he removes side of hillside. LS, reversed rusted container in gully. MS, artilleryman rests on M-48A3 container on hill to shield employees & VS, excavator presses dust on street. VS, soldier expands roadway with D- 7 excavator. 2 soldiers dig water drainage ditch to escape waters ELS, (FSB) fire assistance base Blaze. Frying pan shot of FSB Blaze. VS, D- 7 excavator operating in creek.