YS remodelling second thoughts | Component 1 | Singapore HDB Resale 4 space

Restoration playlist – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYPXP-gjXiqxhZD1D6kQdSljDfU1M0UXP

Relocated for 2 to 3 weeks.
Not totally provided yet, things embeded TaoBao because of pandemic.

0:00 Introductory
0:25 Love: Gateway (Disappointed)
0:50 Love & Cons: Digital entrance lock
1:28 Can be much better: Shoe open racks
1:59 Love & Recommended: Movable shelving
3:03 Love: Changing coffee table
3:17 Neutral: Couch thus far so excellent (Headrest will certainly make it much better)
3:50 Love: TELEVISION & television place
4:40 Demand: television backlight
5:13 Like: Audio bar
5:21 Love & Recommended: Audio bar place
6:30 Love: Water dispenser
7:14 Can be much better: Container intricacy
7:40 Hate: Slicing board
7:52 Like: Soap dispenser
8:17 Neutral: Hob & Hood
8:39 Love: Refrigerator
9:33 Neutral: Multi-purpose tiny stress stove
9:52 Love & Recommended: Multi-purpose microwave combi stove with air-frying
11:23 Like: Adjustable & extendable dangling bar
11:55 Demand: Washing machine & clothes dryer combi
12:25 Love & Cons: Gas Heating Unit
13:20 Love: Ceiling hooks and also hammocks
13:58 Disadvantages: Hammock beds from ceiling
14:29 Like: Air Dehumidifier + Cleanser
15:21 Demand: Vacuum cleaner
15:40 Love: Robo Vacuum Cleaner
16:11 Disadvantages: Automatic blinds
17:00 IMPORTANT: Patterns
18:08 Neutral: Soap dispenser
18:46 Love: Vanity vendor solution (Fortunate Khoon & Hera)
19:27 Improved: Commode spray
20:19 Love & Recommended: Inflatable Bed
21:36 Unidentified: Nanoleaf
22:07 Pending: Even more health club floor coverings & TB things
22:28 Fascinating: Area impression
23:00 Harmed: Sensing unit sticker label
23:22 Like: Sensing unit lights
23:39 Demand: Closet racks
23:48 Love & Cons: Commode bidet seat
24:45 Neutral: Temperature Bath Tub
24:50 Like: Showering bathrobe
25:06 Unsure: Tooth brush sanitizer + Tooth paste dispenser
26:14 Love & Cons: Digital factors & cabinets
27:03 Love: Storage space bedframe
27:52 Unidentified: Curtains/Blinds
28:18 To keep in mind: Drape size with vacuum cleaner robotic
29:05 Toss or Reuse or Carousell?

There’s no such point as excellence, which is the a lot more so for remodelling, ID have actually been wonderful to spruce up things when I found it.
He have yet to wrap up V.O. for last second settlement.

I’ll see after that if he’ll wish to be stated.
He stated that he’s presently in a cottage remodelling and also it’ll be active for him, so allow’s see.