Inoculation பற்றின தகவல்கள்/QR Code upload Mistake வருதா ?/India to Singapore வர எந்த Vaccineபோடணும் ?

Taking A Trip to Singapore :

Immunized Standing for Traveling to Singapore :

Singapore’s Vaccination-Differentiated Safe Monitoring Steps (VDS):

QR Code Upload Mistake :

Please effort re-uploading your QR code, and also make sure that:

If you have an India-issued inoculation certification, that you have the ‘International Traveling Certification’ variation, consisting of both your ‘Day of Birth’ and also ‘Key Number’. Otherwise, please ask for one from the Co-Win site.
Your QR code was published in a high-resolution, .png or .pdf style.
Your day of birth was typed in the appropriate style (DD/MM/YYYY)
Your evidence of inoculation is an approved evidence of inoculation
You have actually published the appropriate variety of QR codes, and also you are utilizing the appropriate approach of QR code upload
You are completely immunized, based upon this standards
Your key details match with your inoculation certification. Otherwise, where feasible, please call your provider to re-issue your certification with your complete name as it shows up on your traveling documents.
You changed the unique personalities in your name according to this frequently asked question.
For additional help, please contact the Safe Traveling Workplace utilizing the query type right here or call the SafeTravel Enquiries helpline at +65 6812 5555.